Opiniones malas sobre colegios ¿Existen los mejores y peores colegios?

The end of the course has arrived and it is time to assess and review what can be improved for the next year. School communities play a fundamental role in this.

Thinking twice before writing a negative opinion about a school or school is something we should do . Not only with schools or educational centers but with any service: hotel, restaurant, experience … In the case of schools it is perhaps even more important since the decision to choose an educational center or another, will have a half life time twelve years old

Should we pay attention to negative or bad opinions about the best or worst schools? All restaurants and hotels usually have their own website, but users usually go to review pages (Booking, Tripadvisor, …) to find information. We must take care stealthily and carefully attend all the opinions we receive from our school or college in the best way and also try to respond to both positive and positive opinions (we all like the recognition) and the negative and bad ( they help us grow, improve and maybe even decide our strategy).

The world of opinions on the Internet causes commotion, fears, insecurities and even uncertainty about the truthfulness or otherwise of the content of the comments. That is why every time we must know how to do things better, taking care of the image of our educational center and telling the reality about our school. Every day there are more real cases about this.

Yelp is one of the largest directories in the world on opinions, among other restaurants.

The Iron Horse is a restaurant in New York that received a bad review of a Yelper (this is how Yelp users are known) after an unfavorable experience where, in addition, he took advantage of to vent his frustrations by leaving a review or comment of a single star.

opinions the worst schools

“I would not recommend it for lunch or a quiet drink, I met some friends here at 3pm in the afternoon and the music was so loud that we could not hear each other in. The service was terrible and we only ordered a drink at the bar The food was terrible too. “

An unfavorable or negative opinion can be detrimental to any product, service or business; so the owner of the bar, responded immediately.

He explained that it was unfair to receive an opinion of a star according to the reasons of the reviewer (person who writes the comment). The user was looking for a quiet bar where to have a drink with friends. However, and as it appears in the own descriptive sheet of the Iron Horse in Yelp, the Iron Horse is famous for being noisy and cheap. It’s the kind of bar where you can spill the drink without looking bad; a place where you can make the most frightful ridiculous or catch the biggest drunkenness and be greeted like a welcome the next night with a pint of beer.

To be fair, user Yelper complained about the food service and once again, the Iron Horse is not known precisely for his service or his exclusive dining experience. The owner of the bar also investigated other opinions that the user had written on Yelp about other places and discovered that generally, the Yelper always went to quiet places and bars. So he prided himself on having a very noisy bar.

So this is what he answered:

“Megan, thank you for visiting our establishment, and for your comments and opinions. Since you have used Yelp to leave your opinion, we would like to leave ours.

I have read other reviews that you have written on Yelp of the places you usually visit. Apparently, you like to visit quiet cafes and exquisite food. We have not announced or offered either of the two. Please take note of what even in our description we say:

Atmosphere: divey

Noise level: high

So if you were going to complain, I expected it to be for something that we actually announced and bid. We are primarily a party bar, with music and ambience noises that primarily serves burgers, chicken wings or similar pub food with ridiculously low prices for Lower Manhattan. Where else in the area can you have a beer for two dollars? Where else can you get a half pound burger accompanied by draft beer for ten dollars?

We have 4 stars on Yelp, but this is not because the food will surprise you. The 4 stars are because many of our customers come to have a fun time, to abstract from the mundane routine of each day, while enjoying a simple and decent meal at a low price.

I recommend you to align your expectations (or requirements) with the type of establishment you visit and make a better and bigger search before deciding on one place or another with your personal preferences. I give you a star seeking and finding bars and restaurants teas to suit your tastes. I’ll give you more stars if you come back and have a drink with me. “

Surely if the user (Yelper) had previously read the opinion of other people on the internet or simply looked for some information about the place, he would have chosen another place to spend some time with his friends . But also surely, thanks to the response of the owner of the bar, will have a happy customer, careful and with a possibility of very high return.

If we take the issue of opinions to a school or educational center (both the best and the worst as to the schools nothing more), taking into account that the decision will last much longer, should be more important. Inform, show, open the doors of our educational center to families, students, alumni, the environment and everything that happens around your school, will improve the impression without hesitation.

In addition, a study carried out by Tripadvisor (the largest portal of hotel opinions in the world) has shown that those comments that receive an appropriate response from hotel management improve printing in 77% of cases. Therefore, the number of reservations increases (in a school the number of requests for information, meeting or registration).

Think twice before writing an opinion about your school or school and if you belong to the management team or address, answer, take care and report through the comments. If you do not take care of your school, nobody will do it for you!


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