INNOVACIÓN EDUCATIVA: Círculo de familias, el proyecto en el que los alumnos de Secundaria experimentan el trabajo real

Choosing a path or another form is part of the process. Therefore, choosing is important. And more than choosing, it’s about “choosing well” taking into account the personal desires, skills and abilities of each person.

In this case, the students, from the beginning of their school life until they finish it, walk the path of the election, deciding at all times their response regarding the obligations or knowledge they acquire.



As the years go by and the course progresses, the options are presented to be taken or discarded and form an important vital structure in each student. From the Secondary Education, the choice of itinerary begins to mark an important direction in the professional future of each young person, that although never it is determining, if it is going to have an important paper in the later decisions.

The problem is not having multiple options, but knowing what to do with them

In general, school life is the first step in deciding what to do next. Opt for University Studies, for a Professional Training or directly start the work path.

 “We live in é little where no dragons to slay or lands to conquer, and where access to resources and opportunities are so abundant, to know what you want and go after it seems the only space for Heroi smo “. 

Sometimes it is not simple. The range of possibilities is wide and the headaches, doubts or uncertainty may be present when choosing a university career or further training. Orientation works are important but it is also true that until we leave the classroom and immerse ourselves in the work environment, we can not see the reality that awaits us at that moment.

It is curious that until we reach the last years of University Studies, we can not have any kind of contact with the labor reality. And it is not about advancing labor practices to perform those jobs that all shun, awarding it to the “fellow” of turn.

It is about offering the opportunity to change the classrooms for the real work world, at a time early enough , so that the experience that the student lives and integrates, is useful in his later decisions, as well as an extra motivation to reach goals and dreams that now appear as possibilities.

For this reason, the Circle of Families Program of the Hélade School , in Boadilla del Monte, Madrid, allows the 4th ESO students to live that work experience, from observation, learning and collaboration.

Under the identity ” Soy H é lade “, this program implies a link between students, our families, the school and the collaborating companies, incorporating the enriching of learning in a real context as well as the value of the positive synergies that Are crated.

In addition, it adds the value of family collaboration because they are the families of Hélade students, who make available to the Program those companies in which they or their acquaintances work, to allow, in an altruistic way, the experience of the Secondary students.

“Families become again a fundamental part of the educational process”

During three days, the students are part of the office, the Institution, the Radio Broadcaster, the Medical Center … Later they speak with hope of their experience and share their experience with other younger students.


         Image: Inés C. at El Bosque Veterinary Hospital.


Almudena García , professor in charge of the Project, observes satisfied the good results and the positive sensations that the participating companies and students transmit. “This program was born as a way to complete the curriculum within the subject of Economics, but we found it so enriching that it was opened to all students of 4th of ESO. Before the practical work, the selection is carried out by the students themselves, who begin to assess the focus of their academic and professional future, and based on this, they select the company they access “.

And apart from the experience, the didactic objectives that are obtained are the following:

  • Contact with the labor / business reality.
  • Empowerment of individual vocations favoring decisions regarding the choice of future educational / training itineraries.
  • Implementation of what has been learned in class, applied to each sector.
  • Improvement of the Curriculum.
  • Acquisition of new competences.
  • Improvement of Social Skills.
  • Learning through observation and cooperation.



I magen: Ane A. Aeronautical Museum

And it is thanks to innovative projects like this that a small sum is made to improve education, and with it also a contribution to the good choices of our students. Because life is a consequence of each of the decisions we make in life and for that reason, choosing well is IMPORTANT.


Written by: Ángeles Álvarez H.

Teacher in charge of the Project: Almudena García

Hélade School, Boadilla del Monte, Madrid.

INNOVACIÓN EDUCATIVA: Círculo de familias, el proyecto en el que los alumnos de Secundaria experimentan el trabajo real by